The Arts

Art and ChildrenThe Central Area’s Arts facet is designed to promote the talents inherent in all forms of the visual and performing arts. Primary goals of the chapters are to implement programs focused on Classics Through the Ages, Poster Arts Contest, and The Arts on the Move. Classics Through the Ages promotes arts education among young people in order to pique their interest, increase their knowledge, and encourage participation in the classical arts.

The Poster Arts Contest is a sustainable arts focus that celebrates the importance of physical activity for health and wellness, and emphasizes a healthy living theme in the visual arts. Chapters are asked to evaluate the art needs in the local community and encouraged to collaborate and partner with educational institutions, private and community organizations, museums, and art galleries.  This will further increase the visibility of visual and performing arts initiatives, and support the community impact of these transformational programs.

Schylbea Hopkins

Chair, The Arts

Great Lakes (MI) Chapter