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From the Heart

HBCU Heart of Linkdom Endowed Scholarship Initiative

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The Legacy Continues

“The question is not whether we can afford to invest in every child; it is whether we can afford not to.” Marian Wright Edelman

Link Alice Strong Simmons, Central Area Director continues the legacy initiated by our past Central Area Directors, Link Margot James Copeland, Link Jeannine Quick Frasier and Link Teree Caldwell Johnson, by recognizing and supporting Central Area HBCUs. During the Central Area Breakfast at the 38th National Assembly, Link Alice and the Central Area Program Team lead the call for your participation in continuing our goal to fully endow our Central Area HBCUs.

The economy is taking its toll and statistics show that enrollment at HBCUs is declining in large part due to depleting scholarship monies. The prevailing need to support the educational pursuits of our students is greater now than it has ever been. Our resolve to use our individual and collective reach can make a profound difference for students who may not otherwise be able to complete their education. With our help we can indeed change the world, one degree at a time.

We are asking for your support and participation with a contribution to our From The Heart HBCU Challenge. Join us by becoming the Pulse with a minimum donation of $75; the Beat with a minimum contribution of $85 or a Heart with a donation of $100 or more with special recognition from our Central Area Director. Help us continue our strong Central Area legacy and please consider making a contribution during our Call To Action for the HBCU Heart of Linkdom Endowed Scholarship Initiative. Please give ‘From the Heart‘.

“For almost everyone, education is the way up and for many…the way out! Unfortunately, too large a number of these bright students are not able to follow their dreams of going to and/or staying in college because they can’t afford to pay for their tuition or even their books.”

Dr. Mary Evans Sias, President, Kentucky State University, Frankfort, KY