Historically Black Colleges And Universities Initiative

Historically Black Colleges And Universities Initiative

Linking Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) with Community Colleges is the goal of The Links, Incorporated HBCU Community College Initiative.  The initiative comprises the collaboration between The Links, Incorporated, National Association of Equal Opportunities in Higher Education, United Negro College Fund, and the UNCF Special Program Corporation, Incorporated.

A national committee of Link members from each Area use transformational programming to focus on addressing the critical needs of the community:

  • Increasing high school and college graduation rates
  • Awarding college scholarships and endowments
  • Promoting and supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities.


The program design features seven focal areas:

  1. Partnering with other national organizations.
  2. Hosting HBCU college fairs and other events in each geographic region.
  3. Promoting and encouraging connections with an HBCU and its STEM programs.
  4. Mentoring and recruiting students to attend and complete HBCUs.
  5. Identifying opportunities to support faculty research and/or professional development
  6. Contributing to the sustainability of HBCU institutions.
  7. Establishing and branding “The Links Scholars” and “The Links HBCU Endowment” names and programs.