Power of 1

Power of 1

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Author: Link Sheila R. Brown, Area Treasurer
Presented at: 2016 Nashville (TN) Cluster Finance Workshop
Chapter Finances: “From Good to Great” Part 2

Author: Link Sarah Brown-Clark, Area Parliamentarian
Power of One – February 2016

Author: Link Sheila R. Brown, Area Treasurer
Chapter Finances: “From Good to Great” Part 1

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*Chapter Organization & Management

If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact the Area Chair for the respective category. They are listed below:
LeadershipGlenda Masingale Manson, Area Director
MembershipMonica Allen , Area Vice Director
FinancesSheila R. Brown, Area Treasurer
Programming –  Karen Patricia Williams, Chair
CommunicationsBonita Cornute, Chair