Organizational Effectiveness Toolkit

Organizational Effectiveness Toolkit

Organizational Effectiveness (otherwise called O.E.) is a term many Links have heard, but most do not really know what it is.  However, we believe that every Link should know about organizational effectiveness since it is essential for the success of our organization. Here in the Central Area, we pride ourselves on setting high goals and performing to excellent standards.  We believe to maintain this standard throughout the Area, sharing and making available tools and resources that represent Best Practice is critical.

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Organizational Effectiveness Handbook 2017


*Chapter Organization & Management

If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact the Area Chair for the respective category. They are listed below:
LeadershipGlenda Masingale Manson, Area Director
MembershipMonica Allen , Area Vice Director
FinancesSheila R. Brown, Area Treasurer
Programming–  Karen Patricia Williams, Chair
Communications – Renee Thompson Fletcher, Chair